Breville has launched their first in-home iced coffee machine and it does all the work for you


Iced coffee in minutes: Breville launched its first cold drink machine – and it makes everything from iced caramel macchiatos to frozen oat milk lattes

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Summer and iced coffee go hand in hand, but all those trips to the cafe for your favorite iced caramel macchiato can quickly add up.

This is where the latest Breville launch comes in. The brand’s first in-home iced coffee machine enables consumers to brew delicious iced coffee drinks at home – and in minutes.

With the Breville iced coffee maker at your disposal, you can have perfectly brewed iced coffee in just four minutes – all without leaving home and without watering down. It is already racking up some pretty impressive reviews on Amazon.

Brewed coffee pours directly into the insulated cup with integrated straw

New £ 40 Breville iced coffee maker delivers iced coffee in just four minutes

From iced caramel macchiatos to oat milk iced lattes, the Breville iced coffee maker deliver your favorite coffee order in just three easy steps.

All you have to do is fill the machine with water, pour your coffee in, add ice cubes to your glass and press start; no more guessing the right coffee, water, and ice cubes ratio, and you don’t have to leave your house. Win, win.

The Breville iced coffee maker Works by rapidly cooling hot-brewed, concentrated coffee on ice to deliver flavorful drinks in moments, so you can pour yourself a refreshing iced coffee anytime you want.

Without preparation and without having to cool the brewed coffee in the refrigerator, it is perfect for those who are always on the move. It even comes with a 625ml insulated mug to keep your drink cool on the go.

Best of all, thanks to the integrated measuring system, each drink promises to be concentrated, so you will get delicious iced coffee never watered down.

Whether you prefer a simple iced coffee, iced oat latte, or just can’t resist an iced caramel macchiato, the machine encourages you to get creative with flavored syrups, whipped cream and more. Again.

Although this is a new launch, the Breville iced coffee maker has already racked up impressive reviews on Amazon, with shoppers hailing it as a “really easy way to make iced coffee at home.”

Buyers were impressed with the Breville coffee machine's ease of use, noting that it will save them money on frozen drinks this summer.

Buyers were impressed with the Breville coffee machine’s ease of use, noting that it will save them money on frozen drinks this summer.

One delighted buyer left a glowing review for the machine, writing: “This coffee maker is really good, simple to use, easy to clean, makes a nice glass of iced coffee, and also looks stylish on the side.”

Another agreed, adding, “Simple and delicious! Not only is this manufacturer affordable, but it works great.

“It really only takes a few minutes to brew an iced coffee and sort all the measurements on its own!” Plus, I found this machine super easy to clean which is a big bonus. If you are looking for something cheaper that is reliable then this is really your best answer. ‘

A third wrote: “Perfect for the next summer months. At £ 40.00 this machine will save me a lot of money as there is no need to keep buying iced coffees every time I go to the stores other than that it doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen cupboard.


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