Biden increases tax credit for coffee machines in speech full of pitfalls

President Biden tried to generate buzz for Democrats on Saturday by making a jaw-dropping statement about tax credits for coffee machines during a rambling speech in Portland, Ore.

Two days after new data showed consumer prices continued to rise, Biden staunchly shrugged off the subject of inflation in a speech titled ‘Remarks on Cutting Costs for American Families’ – instead focusing about the benefits included in his monster expense bill.

“The Cut Inflation Act has to do with your ability to get tax credits for the purchase – whether you need a new coffee machine, a new washing machine, a new refrigerator,” Biden said. “And you buy an efficient fridge, an efficient coffee machine, you get a tax credit for that.”

President Biden tried to generate hype for Democrats by talking about coffee machine tax credits during a rambling speech in Portland, Ore.

As part of $400 billion spending to fight climate change, the Cut Inflation Act includes tax credits for expensive appliances such as stoves and cooktops, but only for consumers replacing a gasoline-powered device with an electrical device.

The comment apparently exposed Biden’s continuing misunderstanding of the details of a bill he touted as one of his presidency’s greatest accomplishments – and showed him to be out of touch with voters’ economic woes .

“More Honest Biden: I Fuck the Economy So Much You Need Government Help to Buy a Damn Coffee Machine,” expert Doug Powers growled on Twitter.

“I’m going to get my wife a new coffee machine and a BIG Biden tax credit!!!” posted Mark M. Scott.

Earlier in the speech, Biden appeared in white on Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden’s name — calling him “that other guy I just talked to in the Senate” — just moments after warmly thanking the Democrat for helping to get the bill passed.

Biden, the oldest US president ever, turns 80 next month – and his frequent verbal stumbles have led to questions about his mental fitness for office.

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