Best coffee machine 2022: From Lavazza and Sage to Jura and Smeg to Amazon Prime Day

There are four different types you should be aware of:

From bean to cup

For a more luxurious experience that suits any style of coffee, the best bean to cup machine is the one for you. By removing much of the manual experience of coffee making, these machines simply require you to insert the coffee beans, press a single button, and then have a steaming cup ready to be consumed. Be prepared to make an investment (they can cost upwards of £1000), but it’s absolutely worth every penny if you like ease of use.


Equally convenient, pod machines are for anyone who needs a quick morning fix without having to worry too much about water pressure, boiling times and milk froth.

They are generally smaller and more affordable espresso machines than other brewers, but the process is to decide what kind of coffee you want to drink and toss the pod into the machine to get it going. However, it’s hard to ignore how wasteful and environmentally damaging they are. According to Halo’s research, of the 39,000 coffee pods produced every minute, 29,000 will end up in landfills.

It’s a shocking statistic, but one that brands like Nespresso are working to improve. Most pod coffee machines are now recyclable and drop-off services may be available to ensure that as little as possible ends up in the wrong place. When choosing which brand to buy, keep this in mind and be sure to adhere to the amount of recycling you will need to track.


Want to get involved in making coffee? Pump machines are best for experimentation and will be the closest thing to a barista. They use pressure and boiled water, adjusted by a handle, to turn coffee grounds into mixed drinks. Ciepaj advises writing down your proportions and brewing time to make the perfect coffee, just like you would baking a cake, so it definitely takes a bit more thought. You’ll also want to make sure you get (or at least find one that has one attached) a coffee grinder so you can get fresh coffee every time.


Drip coffee machines are a standard choice for anyone looking for a more affordable machine that only produces hot water for your cup. You might get an extra feature or two like a milk frother or the ability to make different drinks, but it won’t be as good as your local cafe. They basically only do American-style coffee, but if that’s your cup of tea (sorry, coffee), that’s all you need.

The best Amazon Prime Day coffee machine deals 2022

As we said, some coffee machines can be expensive, and if you’re not careful, you can spend a lot. However, you’re reading this at the right time, because Amazon Prime Day is here to help keep costs low, with discounts on everything from high-end coffee machines to home coffee pods, carafes, mugs and subscriptions.

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