Benefits of green coffee: just another healthy reason to drink

Whether it’s sipping early in the morning to get you out of bed or having a mug with a late-night dessert, you’ll have to agree that there is no hot beverage more universally loved than coffee. Taste is a personal thing, so it’s never right or wrong. But choosing the right beans is the perfect cup. I have found an exciting new strain that you may not have discovered yet. The coffee bean has an adventurous life. They are actually seeds enclosed in a red berry. These are extracted and roasted, resulting in an incredible taste and aroma. When left in their raw form, they are used to produce green coffee. These seeds are not roasted; instead, they’re steeped and then concentrated into an extract. “Because the flavor of the season is natural, green coffee gets its share of the spotlight, but in some cases roasting brings out certain oils in the bean, which improves the nutritional profile. In its pure form, green coffee has a low caffeine content, which makes it healthier, ”says Mr. Radhakrishnan, coffee grower and coffee powder maker, Aromas of Coorg, Bangalore. It’s true. This masterpiece in your cup can do more than make you an optimist.

Why green is goodGreen Bean Coffee Extract became popular in 2012 after it was mentioned on the Dr. Oz show as a “magic bullet for weight loss”. When roasted, coffee beans go through many chemical changes. Their antioxidant levels increase, but the powers of a natural substance called chlorogenic acid decrease. This chemical is known to affect post-meal blood sugar levels, boost your metabolism, curb the absorption of carbohydrates, and block fat build-up, which promotes weight loss. The content of chlorogenic acid is higher when the coffee beans are in their pure, natural form. For some, drinking green brewed coffee may not be pleasant as it is slightly bitter than your regular roasted coffee and therefore the extract is often used to make supplements. Although the pills and powders have never convinced me, the jury is still out. “Green coffee may help slow the rate at which glucose is released into our blood. If eaten before your meal, chlorogenic acid reacts with food and controls the amount of glucose we synthesize. In this way, it boosts your metabolism which can lead to weight loss when paired with a balanced diet and adequate physical activity. Everything is better when taken in its fresh and whole form, because the synergy between the various compounds present in the food makes it the most effective ”, explains Dr. Rupali Datta, chief clinical dietitian at Fortis-Escorts Hospital in New Delhi. yourself to the fix. “Besides the fact that some claim that green coffee helps with weight loss, the simple, fresh flavor of the brew can itself be quite refreshing. A good way to enjoy the youthful flavor of green bean extract is make a version of a virgin mojito. Crushed ice, juice of half a lime, sprigs of fresh mint, cane or palm sugar and part of the green coffee extract – all coarsely mixed can be a great daytime drink, “suggests Priyadarshini Nandy, writer and cooking enthusiast. She adds,” And for gym rats, a fresh smoothie to start the day is always a good idea. vegan, use something like almond milk, add brewed green coffee, a banana, dates, maybe even a little unsweetened cocoa powder, a few ice cubes and mix on high speed. This can give your system a happy boost of energy after a workout nement.

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