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While there are plenty of espresso machines in the market, it is rare to see a machine dedicated to making Turkish coffee. If you are a fan of this thick and strong brew, the Beko Telvo Duo Turkish Coffee Machine is definitely something to have in your kitchen.

What’s impressive is that it makes enough Turkish coffee to serve six people, and while it can be great for large gatherings, it’s a bit of a stretch if you just occasionally want a single cup. It also means the machine is larger than most single brew machines, so you’ll need enough counter space to keep it handy.

But what the Beko Telvo Duo does well is a great cup of coffee. Turkish coffee can be a bit tricky to brew, so this machine takes out a lot of the guesswork (and mess) when brewing. In less than a minute or two, you’ll have a frothy cup of coffee in your hands and enough caffeine to get you through the day.

Pricing and availability

The Beko Telvo Duo is available now and priced at AED 1,119. To brew several cups of coffee for up to six people at a time, this price is justified. But if you’re the only person drinking Turkish coffee and just want to brew yourself a cup or two a day, the price might be a bit steep.


With black and copper tones, the Beko Telvo Duo will look great on any countertop. In the front and in the center are the two copper pots, each of which can hold three cups of coffee. At the back is a removable 1.5 liter water tank, which has a hidden carrying handle that allows it to be easily removed for refilling.

Beko Telvo Duo

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At the top you’ll find all your control buttons – these allow you to set the cup size and indicate how many cups of coffee you want to brew per pot. And that’s about it – the machine is incredibly easy to use and keeps buttons to a minimum to avoid overcomplicating things.


While most coffee machines heat the water and run it through the coffee grounds, the Beko Telvo Duo actually does the reverse by adding room temperature water to the pot and then turning it on. boil to create the necessary body and foam associated with Turkish coffee.

To use the Beko Telvo Duo, all you need to do is place the sugar and coffee grounds directly into the pot – of course making sure you are using Turkish coffee and not just regular coffee grounds. It’s also important to add sugar to the pan rather than your mug, because if you add it to the mug and stir, you end up dissolving all of the rich foam created by the machine.

Beko Telvo Duo

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Once the grounds are in the pot and it’s back in the machine, you just hit the button for how many servings you want, depending of course on how much coffee you put in the pot. You can also choose your cup size – from 60ml to 80ml, all with the push of a button. The machine then sprays a stream of water into the pot to fill it, which is tilted to create a small swirl to mix the coffee and sugar.

After the water has been dispensed, the machine then heats the bottom of the pan by conduction, which usually takes a few minutes depending on the number of servings you are making. Thanks to the material used, the pot is heated evenly, which prevents burning and ensures good heating.

The Beko Telvo Duo makes sure to boil the coffee just so it doesn’t worry about it boiling over like it would on the stove if it wasn’t watched. Once the coffee is ready, the machine will emit a short beep and you can directly (and quickly) pour the coffee into serving cups. Again, time is running out: a coffee left too long in the coffeemaker will begin to lose its foam and the coffee grounds will also settle at the bottom of the coffeemaker.

Cleaning the jars is a simple affair – just wash them gently by hand, then dry them immediately. You will notice that the inside of the pots can get stained quite quickly – as it did when we were using them – so just follow the instructions in the user manual to descale the pots.

Overall, the Beko Telvo Duo does a great job of brewing a great cup of Turkish coffee. The foam on top is perfect, and the machine’s ease of operation means you can turn it on, press a button, and step away to chat with guests while your coffee is safely brewed. The obvious downside is of course that you can only make Turkish coffee in this machine, making it a niche product just like an espresso machine. However, if you really enjoy having Turkish coffee and don’t want to live with the dangers of boiling on your stovetop, then the Beko Telvo Duo is a clear winner to add to your kitchen.

Should I buy the Beko Telvo Duo?

Beko Telvo Duo

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