A brutalist coffee machine, designed for Moak

From this basic and expressive sketch…

…Italian industrial designer Odo Fioravanti created physical models…

…to create the CJ (Coffee Jockey) machine, which switches from modernism to brutalism:

Thought it might be a concept, but it was commissioned by espresso machine maker Moak and is apparently part of their new upcoming line. Fioravanti put a lot of thought into how the basic geometric shapes that make up the shape fit together:

“This machine represents a paradigm shift from capsule coffee machines on the market, based on a “transitive” design idea linked to passing fashions. It is a product of great geometric simplicity, a composition of volumes that intertwine, creating a series of opportunities for the positioning of the technical organs and that leave the touch screen in view, as if it were placed on a small shelf.”

“The tank can be grabbed directly from the gap in the lid which exactly overlaps a hidden handle.”

“The grid, made up of three removable and dishwasher-safe parts, is designed as a slat shape that communicates the idea of ​​permeability and has a continuous height thanks to an innovative coupling on the used capsule holder drawer.”

“The machine has a generously sized reservoir and the ability to dispense two coffees or two drinks at the same time into two cups side by side.”

“The machine is part of a product system with a new range of coffee blends and an exclusive capsule system.”

Fioravanti has 2022 as the year of this project, but at press time it looks like Moak isn’t selling it yet.

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