Monthly Archives: April 2020

Sparkling water and coffee recipe

Coffee soda, sparkling coffee, coffee sprizer, sparkling cold brew – whatever you call it, mixing soda water with iced coffee is my favorite way to start a hot summer morning. I tried a few variations, including the espresso tonic (a little too sweet for my taste) and using La Croix …

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How to Make a Dalgona Vegan Coffee Recipe

Living in confinement has meant that our interest in home cooking is at an all time high, with many heading to the kitchen in an attempt to fill time – and their tummies – during self-isolation. So it’s no surprise that several food and drink trends have emerged from all …

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How To Make Whipped Coffee | Best Whipped Coffee Recipe

Whipped coffee (Cafe Dalgona) is a viral recipe combining instant coffee crystals, sugar and water. Even traditionally brewed coffee is not well understood, and this smoothie seems to work by magic. Viral whipped coffee takes its name from the Korean term for a confection also known as honeycomb. Whipped coffee, …

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